« Another Side » de Michele Hendricks !!

Michele Hendricks, professeur de chant de l’association PUZZLE vous présente son nouvel album « Another Side » !!

Hello everybody.

I hope you are all healthy and getting thru this difficult time as well as possible. Hang in there!

I am writing you all to spread some news that I am very excited about.
The video clip of one of the songs from my new CD « Another Side »
is finished and it will air on my new Youtube channel tomorrow, March 25th at 15h.

I hope it will bring a smile to all your faces and help make the day go a little bit easier. Here’s a small teaser for now, and RDV tomorrow.
I invite you all to PLEASE like, share, subscribe, post, paste, praise, request on radio, etc. to the max!

Help me to make this song a hit!
After all, it talks of a phenomena we are all too familiar with…..

Love to you, Michele X

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